Demo Day: Building policy reform files

The first in Policy Simulation Library’s new live demo series describes specifying tax reforms.

Matt Jensen


November 18, 2020

Check out the video:

We will host Demo Days every two weeks until the end of the year. You can see our schedule on our events page.

Show notes:

I demonstrate how to build policy reform files using the Tax-Brain webapp on Compute Studio. (Useful links below.) This is an introductory lesson that ends with a cliffhanger. We don’t run the model. But we do generate an individual income and payroll tax reform file that is compatible with a range of policy simulation models and analytic tools, some designed for policy decision makers, others for taxpayers and benefits recipients interested in assessing their own circumstances.

Beyond individual and payroll tax analysis, the reform file can be used with models that assess pass-through and corporate taxation of businesses, as well as a variety of income benefit programs. A wide range of use cases will occupy future events.