Demo Day: Stitching together apps on Compute Studio

Creating an app with the Compute Studio API.

Hank Doupe


March 8, 2021

In Demo Day 8, I talked about connecting multiple apps on Compute Studio with PSL Stitch. The source code for PSL stitch can be found in this repository.

Stitch is composed of three components:

One of the cool things about this app is that it uses ParamTools to read the JSON files under the hood. This means that it can read links to data in other Compute Studio runs, files on GitHub, or just plain JSON. Here are some example parameters:

After clicking run, three simulations will be created on Compute Studio and the app will update as soon as the simulations have finished:

Getting started

CS Simulations

Once they are done, the simulations are best viewed and interacted with on Compute Studio, but you can still inspect the JSON response from the Compute Studio API:

Simulation Complete

I created this app to show that it’s possible to build apps on top of the Compute Studio API. I think PSL Stitch is a neat example of how to do this, but I am even more excited to see what others build next.

Also, this is an open source project and has lots of room for improvement. If you are interested in learning web technologies related to REST APIs and frontend development with JavaScript, then this project could be a good place to start!